Repairing Transmissions

Experts in Transmission Maintenance

Over the past three decades we've been in business at G&M Auto Repair, we've come to realize that customers are very hesitant about transmission repairs. This is generally because of a fear that these repairs will be very expensive. The truth of the matter is the more effort you put into preventive care and maintenance, the less likely you'll need to do major repairs or replacement. We believe in handling the small repairs as soon as possible, so they don't turn into larger ones.

There are several signs you may need transmission repair, including:

  • Unusual burning smell
  • Vehicle overheating
  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Increased tire wear

We have several different approaches to transmission repair, but the bottom line is that we go above and beyond to make sure your vehicle is working properly. The last thing we want is to repair your vehicle, only to have you come back again for another repair. Please call us for more information!

Canyon Country Transmission Service | G & M Auto Repair

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