Premium Oil Change

Enhance Your Vehicle's Performance

An important part of keeping your vehicle healthy and happy is regular maintenance. Proper preventive care makes a huge difference in keeping your car from developing serious problems down the line. Additionally, if you take your car in for regular checkups and oil changes at G&M Auto Repair, we may be able to catch other problems before they worsen.

There are many benefits you may notice after an oil change, including:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Restored engine power
  • Smoother driving experience

If you suspect that it's time for your oil or fluid to be changed, you can always speak with us directly. We recommend that you have your oil changed every 10,000 miles. Common signs that it is time include strange noises coming from your engine and the maintenance light blinking. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more!

Fluid and Oil Change in Canyon Country, CA | G & M Auto Repair

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